Innovation is the keyword for us! We invest and give support in innovative projects, and is our a driven force to achieve innovative breakthroughs.



Diergy is empowering RTD projects through the development of customized, technological models combined with a set of specific designed mathematical procedures, for process characterization, among others.

Diergy’s team supports this technological model from its conceptual idea to the industrialization step and applied it to different industrial field. These steps along the technology development lead to a unique know-how of the technological models.

Diergy is reinforcing it B2B action with other industrial partners and scientific institutions/ research centers for engineering research and as a consultancy/ service customized technological solutions provider. 


Sustainable Trade

Our countless contacts in multiple industries and geographies, allow to connect demand and supply in an efficient and capable way to overcome the difficulties of procurement and logistics.

Thus, the construction of a dedicated and present partnership is always in everyday life and on our horizon!

We promote sustainable products and services that impact positively in our planet and society.


Investments and Associations



In 2001 Diergy invested in Enkrott Química, a water treatment services company. In 2014, by a merging process, Diergy got a finantial position in Enkrott.



We are a HiSeedTech associate, a not-for-profit association founded by private companies that came together with the purpose of enabling the creation of value from knowledge through technology entrepreneurship and open innovation.